Pressure Drop Considerations in Air Filtration

We’ve always known that providing good air filtration to a building had many benefits from providing a cleaner healthier environment to protecting equipment, fixtures and processes. In January ASHRAE released the, “Report of Presidential Ad Hoc Committee for Building Health and Safety under Extraordinary Incidents.” HVAC air filtration moved to the forefront as a valuable way to help protect a building against bioterrorism.

August 31st, 2013|Commercial Properties, Industrial Properties|

Selecting the Right Filtration System

To strike an interesting analogy, a cooling tower and heat exchanger is to a building what the lungs and heart are to the human body; when either aren’t working properly, it effects other parts of the body and your health suffers. Similarly, when a cooling tower and heat exchanger are not clean, the heat exchange process doesn’t work efficiently and the health of the production and process cooling system suffers.

August 7th, 2013|Commercial Properties, Industrial Properties|

Air Filtration for Schools

The statistics are a bit unnerving; 53 million school children and 6 million teachers, administrators and others walking into 120,000 school buildings every day – at least 50% of these schools have been diagnosed with indoor air quality problems. The most precious natural resource of any country is found in their young people and the United States is placing too many kids in jeopardy by exposing them to buildings that are less-than-conducive to a positive, healthy learning environment.

July 23rd, 2013|Schools|