Stay Ahead of the Flu Season with AeraMax Pro

Last year Filter Services Inc  became an authorized distributor for the new AeraMax pro air purifier line launched by Fellowes. AeraMax pro is a new commercial air purifier that has the ability to house three different stages of filters in order to purify the air. The first stage is a pre-filter polyester pad designed to catch larger particles floating in [...]

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Air Filtration for Schools

The statistics are a bit unnerving; 53 million school children and 6 million teachers, administrators and others walking into 120,000 school buildings every day – at least 50% of these schools have been diagnosed with indoor air quality problems. The most precious natural resource of any country is found in their young people and the United States is placing too many kids in jeopardy by exposing them to buildings that are less-than-conducive to a positive, healthy learning environment.

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