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Lean & Clean for Over 25 Years

FSI is a Master Distributor of Commercial and Industrial Filtration Products for Air, Liquid, Paint Booth, Compressor and Dust Collection Systems. FSI also provides Commercial and Industrial Air Filter Change-Out Services. Our service team offers a variety of maintenance schedules to meet your needs, providing services for over 4000 accounts in the Greater Chicago area. The boundaries of our service area extend from Chicago: North to Milwaukee/Madison, South to Champaign/Decatur, West to the Quad Cities, and East to South Bend. FSI’s filter service on a regular cycle is an extension of the normal HVAC preventative maintenance program. (Note: FSI is not an HVAC maintenance contractor). During our Filter Change-Out Service, our service technicians perform a visual inspection of the HVAC system and report any problems or recommendations to ensure proper operations for your facility. Our service cycle can be tailored to meet customer needs and requirements from a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly Filter Change-Out cycle.