Cost Efficient – Energy Efficient

Filtration is a great investment. With a quality filter and a regular replacement service, it is common to see significant energy savings, increased product quality and production, lower maintenance costs, and other benefits.

Service Expertise & Reliability

Our technicians know your system well and the right filter it needs. We will also spot problems before they happen and provide advise. Our reliable change-out services are on time and on schedule.

The Right Filter for the Job

We maintain one of the largest supply of filters in the Chicago area. No waiting for special shipments or costly deliveries. Whatever your system, we have the right filter for the job…right now.

Helping You Stay Lean & Clean For Over 25 years

FSI has grown to become a regional leader in filtration products and services. We not only stock and supply filtration related products from the world’s leading filter manufacturers for virtually any application, we also offer scheduled filter change-out and servicing. Based in Chicago and family owned, FSI is committed to quality products, expert technical support, timely delivery, and personal dedication to our customers.

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