FSI is dedicated to Provide the Best filters for our Customers Applications

/, Industrial Properties/FSI is dedicated to Provide the Best filters for our Customers Applications

Many times Filter Services is faced with challenges from our customers to provide a better filter for certain applications where the current filters being used are failing and not meeting our customers standards. When we are asked to provide a solution or alternative filter in certain situations, FSI will conduct our own testing with filters that we believe will be the answer to our customers unique dilemmas. However before we recommend filters our sales team wants to be absolutely sure the solution we are offering is the best fit for our customers and  many times we do so by having our sales team conduct testing to prove our will solve their issue.

Salesperson Erica Shapiama was asked to provide a solution to a lead food processing plant in the Chicagoland area where a MERV 11 four inch pleat was getting air bypass after two week and buckling within the customers units, causing the customer to replace their filters every two weeks  and shut down production in order to do so. The first test she conducted was to replace the pleat with a ring link panel. After two weeks she returned and noticed the ring link panel filters were not experiencing air by pass, but were restricting the air flow and larger particles were going right through the media. While it solved the customers problem with filters collapsing it was still causing the machine to work harder because of the restrictive air flow and not efficient with catching smaller particles.

Shapiama then tested the AAF high capacity Mega Pleat MERV 8, after four weeks of testing the Megaplat produced 35%  better air flow and was capturing 35-50% more particles than the MERV 11 four inch and the ring panel. This would result in the customer saving money by changing their filters out every four weeks rather than every two weeks, saving the customer in excess filter costs and labor costs of changing every two weeks. Also saving the customer time and money by allowing them to operate every without having to shut their production down every two weeks, but every four weeks.

Needless to say the customer was grateful for the testing and savings opportunity that FSI had presented through our various testing and results that we summarized . The customer was able to lower their budget for filters and increase the energy efficiency on these units due to FSI finding the right filter and being diligent in finding the right solution to fit this customers’ needs.